Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Last week we had a very successful Book Fair in the Library. The library benefits from book fairs by receiving commission on sales which means more resources for the students. The students enjoy the buzz around the book fair and the experience of choosing books to purchase.

For the reluctant reader this is a great opportunity to find a book that might interest and engage them. The list below (thanks to The Kid’s Bookshop) offers 10 tips for reluctant readers.

  1. Model good reading behaviour.
  2. Let the reader take control of their reading choices.
  3. Encourage all types of reading – books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital content.
  4. Try a range of genre and format – fiction, non-fiction, music/lyrics, quiz and joke books, recipes and other activity based books.
  5. Taps into areas of passion and interest – sport, dance, humour, music, gaming, current affairs, cooking, film etc.
  6. Develop your reader beyond the reading experience – website visits, festival visits, library visits, communication with authors or illustrators.
  7. Ensure that the shared reading experience continues after your child can read independently.
  8. Think about the way your child learns – visually, musically, mathematically and select books accordingly e.g. graphic novels, non-fiction for ‘snippets’ of information, Footy record and Guinness Book of Records for statistical information, books on coding for computer-based learning.
  9. Start a book series – it is easier selecting the next book to read and your reader will feel more comfortable because it will be familiar.
  10. Get audio books or book apps

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