The Simple Act of Reading

Recently on ABC Radio writer Debra Adelaide discussed her new book The Simple Act of Reading. In the book scientific studies are cited that show reading is good for us, fiction in particular. The research out of Stanford Universtity shows that the structure of story is fundamental to who we are as human beings and creating stories is about creating ourselves and our history.

This is because stories have a beginning, a middle and an end and that encourages the brain to think sequentially and link cause and effect. When young children are encouraged to read, this response is much quicker because their brains are more plastic. This development is very important.

Another study showed that reading fiction helps us to develop more empathy. So it is desirable that we read for enjoyment but we can know that it is also good for our brains.

So with the science in, encourage your your chilidren to read and write. The library has a large, varied and current collection of fiction and students are welcome to request books for purchase. We are also very fortunate to have wonderful public libraries and book shops nearby for browsing and selecting appealing stories.

New books in the library this week include:



Happy Reading!


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